Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here are a few samples of the flannel/fleece quilts I've made recently. They are good examples of how quickly we can stitch together something warm and comfy at our "Sew and Share" day. The larger flannel/fleece quilt on the right came about because I needed something warm last winter when we were having some heating issues in our new house. I had some flannel remnants I loved, cut them into 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" rectangles, sewed them together in random order (56 blocks) and backed it with fleece. It was the perfect thing to keep the draft away (it's since been fixed).

Since I enjoyed making that one, I decided (as noted in my previous post) that I would make a baby quilt as a raffle prize for the quilt show we did at the Lehigh library this past weekend. In no time at all, I had stitched together the 35 blocks needed for the baby quilt, backed it with the fleece and then my daughter and cousin, Patty, tied it with yarn.

Then this past Tuesday I started the two quilts shown below which will be raffle prizes for the Scott County Historical Society kid's event this coming Sunday. I was only asked to do one, but offered to do one for the girls and one for the boys. Hopefully, knowing that ticket buyers will have a chance to win one or the other that they will be encouraged to buy more chances.

It took 54 blocks for each top and one hour per top to sew the blocks together. Then there's the smoothing, pinning, folding over the fleece for binding, etc. but still I started them on Tuesday evening and was done (yarn ties stitched in place) by 9:00 last night (Wednesday). Sooooooo, I think we can make some of these at our "Sew and Share" day along with pillowcases, totebags, and whatever else we come up with. And if you cannot make it to the sewing day because you are too far away, then grab your flannel scraps and stitch up a quilt on your own. You can send it my way and I'll see it gets to someone in need - or - take it to a nearby crisis nursery, women's shelter, etc. There's need for help in Iowa but there is always need everywhere so I encourage you to do what you can wherever you live.
One last note, I will be setting up an account where donated funds can go as some of you have already sent or plan to send funds. When I have all the info the account will be set up at First State Bank in Henderson, MN and all funds will be there until forwarded to those in need. On the recommendation of my sister in Iowa City, she felt that the United Way office in Johnson County would be a good place to send those donations as they can get them to those in need. This whole project is evolving so if you have any suggestions or advice please leave me a comment. Thanks!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its fun to make patchwork projects that work up so cute and easy like this. Making patchwork baby quilts is one of my favorite things. We have a project at my church where every woman is asked to make (or buy) one baby quilt for the women's shelter by September. This reminded me I haven't done mine yet. But I will. Its easy and fun to do for someone special even when you don't know who that is.