Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A little update.......

Wow! the last couple days have been really busy with details for this little "Sew and Share" project. I have already received some items and will take pics tomorrow and get them posted by noon. For those of you just learning of this project, there are two ways to "Sew and Share". For those who are nearby, we will gather to sew at the Community Room at City Hall here in Henderson. Not to worry if you're no where near here, just take a bit of time and stitch up a tote bag, make-up bags, a purse, a pair of pillowcases, a kid's quilt or baby blanket (tied is great, we're going for usability here), or anything you can whip up (even crocheted dishcloths) that will help those trying to rebuild their homes and lives in the flooded areas. Even if you can't be here with us, perhaps you can make a point of sewing something that day that will make someone else smile!
I spent a great deal of time yesterday and today preparing flyers and a mailing to local churches and hope that will result in good participation on the actual day of "Sew and Share". While the focus of this "Sew and Share" project is on the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area there are many areas affected by flooding. I happen to have a sister and some quilting friends in the area that can see to the distribution of the things we make. Additionally, I have had some monetary donations come in so yesterday I set up an account at the local bank. For anyone wishing to make a donation you may send it to
First State Bank
239 Main St.
Henderson, MN 56044
All funds collected there will be sent to United Way in Iowa City.

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