Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's almost noon Pacific time.........

I promised to post photos by noon. I didn't make it in the Central Time Zone so I'm thinking Pacific time right now. :-) And that makes me think that hot as it is here that it would be lovely to be near the ocean right now!!! Ah, reality check! SO, to the business at hand - I have photos of some of the projects that have been made for our "Sew and Share" project. The horse themed corduroy quilt show below was made by my friend, Kate.

My friend, Pandora, made two sets of pretty pillowcases. Kate and Pandora are crazy quilting friends, that is, we are in a crazy quilting group. You might also call us "crazy quilters" if you heard how much laughter goes on when we are all stitching together!

My friend, Janet, from South Carolina, made four pillowcases - two for the kids and two for the ladies. Janet and I connected over a "flannel pillow" I made several years ago and she needed to know how I did some of the stitches. That's a good story, I'll share one day.

Janet also made these lovely tote bags from tapestry fabric. I am getting excited about this little venture "Sew and Share". It is great to be able to help others and at the same time, give us all a reason to stay connected!!! Time for lunch! I'll take a sandwich out on the porch and imagine the ocean is just around the bend (isn't that silo I see actually a lighthouse?)!!!

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