Friday, July 11, 2008

Twas the night before "Sew and Share".......

It's only a few hours til we start sewing. Ever the nightowl, I am up always up 'til the wee hours of the morning. Earlier tonight, I was trying to pull things together and load stuff in my car but found myself very distracted by the wild weather that passed through Minnesota this evening. Once again, my dog, Kaiser and I retreated to the basement. I mentioned this in my other blog a week or so ago as my husband chose to stay upstairs then while sirens were blowing. This time there weren't any sirens and no tornadoes near us but I wasn't taking any chances. First the clouds were dark, then rolling, then came wind, and then it looked kinda green and then came the rain. We were spared here but other places near and in the Twin Cities were not so fortunate. Anyway, it was rainy weather that brought me to this blog, so best I get to it and share photos of items that arrived the last four days.
The Women's Club Tourist group of Henderson donated the five quilts pictured in the photos below plus lots of personal items and coloring books for the kids.

I realize that my picture taking skills are seriously lacking but a sheet thrown over my couch was the nearest thing I could find for a backdrop. The important thing is the colorful quilts. My friend, Deanna, made the super soft fleece blanket.
My friend Doris doesn't sew so she bought this pretty bath set. Doris committed the rest of our Bible Study to help with food, knowing that they would all be willing to help. They are planning a fabulous lunch for those of us who will be stitching, plus they plan to help us cut, iron, whatever we need help with!!!

And then yesterday, I received a package from Cheryl in Anchorage, Alaska and I had no idea it was coming. When I opened it, it was like one of those cans with the cloth covered wire snake that jumps out at you. The box was filled brim full with these cute fleece tote bags and..............
.........28 little "teepee" bags. We will be able to fill these with personal hygiene items that can go to the Crisis Center!
Well, that's all for tonight. I think I have everything I'll need to take to our marathon sewing session. I'm leaving the kitchen sink behind as there is already one in the community room kitchen. Tee hee!

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