Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a success!!!

Our "Sew and Share" day was a huge success!! I am still organizing the items made and/or donated during the day today. We started around 9:30 this morning - cutting, sewing totebags and pillowcases and quilt tops then tied some quilts, and accomplished so much! We started packing up around 4:00 this afternoon. It took two trips to get all the stuff back to my house. Of course, part of that was the fact I took my sewing machine, my tool box, lots of fabric, batting, etc. The only "down-side" of going to a "sew-in" or a retreat is all the stuff one has to bring to use when sewing. But sew we did and tomorrow I'll give you a full update on all that was made and donated and the great lunch we had and other fun stuff. About 8:30 p.m. tonight, I could barely move I was so tired but the phone rang and there's something about a phone call that can recharge one's batteries. After that I had a little more energy and have been tallying all the items and then will take photos so that you can see what we will be sending off to those affected by the flooding in Iowa. Going to work on a little crazy quilting for myself for a bit and then it's off to bed. We had such a good day!!! Just makes me smile!

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Susan said...

What a wonderful thing you've organized! I looked back at all the things that have been sent to you and I know there will be much rejoicing when these things arrive at their destinations.

I hope down the road, you will post pics of your crazy quilting. =)