Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A little thank you!

I have been away for a few days, home to a family reunion and visiting my mom. Had a great time but a little behind (I am always a "little behind") in replying to e-mails, posting, laundry, etc. etc. Just wanted to share this note I received from Kourtney Maroney from United Way of Johnson County after I let her know the amount of the check we would be sending to their office.

$750 - That is FANTASTIC! Please thank any and all participants in the “Sew and Share” project. I hope this project turns out to be a successful venture in helping your friends and neighbors, too!
Again, thank you so very much for your donation, your support means everything to our organization and the people needing a helping hand in our community.
Kourtney Maroney
United Way of Johnson County
Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

When I arrived home there was a package on my doorstep that contained two more quilts. Today I delivered three boxes of personal care items to Stacia who will deliver them to the Crisis Center in Iowa City this weekend. I thought there would be four boxes but repacked it all and got it into three boxes. She will take quilts on her next trip.

News of our "Sew and Share" event made the local paper so perhaps more stitchers will join us in September when we gather again to sew for those in need.

I had promised to post a few pictures of cross stitch items but haven't had time to take the pictures since I got home. Plus I need to photograph the new quilts that arrived and tell you who sent them. In the meantime, here's a photo and a little story that goes with it.

That's my quilting friend, Gretchen on the right. She's pictured with her sister, Bronwyn, (the cross stitcher) and their dad, Bill. The three of them stopped by during the afternoon of the "Sew and Share Day" to drop off lots of items. As Bill watched the women busily stitching, he started talking to me about how Gretchen had been a teacher for so many years and then when she retired she took up quilting and it became almost an obsession (hmm, imagine that? huh, quilters?). He observed, though, that it was about more than just quilting. He could see that we were all working together and that there was a camaraderie among the women so it's about so much more than just making quilts. While we were basically doing something for others, we were also enjoying friendships and learning how to quilt at the same time. Just a little observation from a gent in his late 80's! I was thrilled that he could see that as that is exactly what happens! When you step outside of yourself and start helping others, you actually end up helping yourself and have a great time in the process!!

Tomorrow I will get those photos taken of Bronwyn's cross stitch and the new quilts that arrived. Til then, hope the man in the moon is shining down on you as you sleep tight tonight..........

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