Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photos postponed until the sun shines......

I was going to take pictures today so I could post Bronwyn's cross stitch and two quilts I received from New York. It has stayed cloudy all day, though, and no sun has peeked through. If it was going to be cloudy, I was hoping there would at least be a shower or two to help green up the grass. So the picture taking is postponed until the sun comes out.
In the meantime, some of you had asked about the pattern for the little "Teepee" bags made and donated by Cheryl from Anchorage, Alaska. I googled it and found the pattern on this site. Scroll down and look for "Cute Teepee Coin Purse with Zipper " at
In addition to that little bag, you will find oodles of patterns for free bags, totes, purses, etc. Plus, the site features patterns for purchase by a wide variety of designers. Have fun with it!!!

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