Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh, baby, it's hot outside!!!

As I was hanging the flannel baby quilts on the clothesline, I was thinking "it is really hot out today!! - certainly not a day when a baby would want to be wrapped up in a flannel quilt!" It won't be long, though, before summer is over (this is the Minnesota, after all) and the first frost often arrives the first week in September. But today it was in the low 90's and that's hot! In spite of the heat, I enjoyed hanging each of the little quilts and wondered what child will be wrapped up in them. I remember the blankets and quilts I made for my own kids and for my grandson and how important they were to them. Almost every kid has a favorite "blankie". Perhaps one of these will replace that lost favorite quilt or blanket.

Beatrice stitched up these three simple tied blankets from soft knits and flannels. The next three photos are flannel quilts from Sue in Mason City. I see a Christmas baby wrapped in that red, white and green flannel quilt!

I already posted pics of the next group of quilts but that was on the green sheet thrown over my couch. Taking pictures outdoors is so much more fun! These five quilts were made by members of the Women's Tourist Group of Henderson. The cloth story books pictured with some of the quilts were made by Gretchen Hughes and some were just meant to go with certain quilts.

This is the fleece blanket made by Deanna from Shakopee (MN). Lots of you have made these quilts but in case you want to try one yourself - just take two coordinating lengths of fleece, place together and pin together so pieces will not slip when cutting. Next, make even width cuts around the edge of the two pieces that looks like "fringe". The last step is to tie the fringe pieces together all around the quilt. And that's all there is to it!

And another picture of the bright yellow, red and blue fireman themed quilt by Sue. If you want to see close-ups of any of the pics posted just click on the pictures and you'll get an enlarged view of the quilts.

And the last quilt didn't arrive on Saturday. It came today. This was Tuesday so to paraphrase that old movie title "If it's Tuesday, this must be Bible Study day". It was Marian's turn and she lives in St. Peter so when we go to her apartment, her neighbor Monica always joins us. We were all discussing the quilts and food and fun that ensued on Saturday at "Sew and Share" and Monica, who couldn't be there wanted to know what kind of quilts were needed. So we told her what was collected and then she said "I'll be right back", went across the hall to her apartment and came back with this sweet baby quilt edged with eyelet. It's a preprinted panel that she hand-quilted and backed with blue flannel. She said she doesn't have any babies to quilt for anymore but she loves to handquilt. Isn't that cool?

So, I went from "hot" at the beginning of this post to "cool" at the end and, actually, all the quilts, blankets, whatever you want to call them are really cool and yet, they will warm the hearts of those who receive them!

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